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Cioccaffe blends the rich, indulgent flavors of premium chocolate with the robust aroma of fine coffee to create a truly luxurious experience. Each product, crafted with meticulous attention to quality, delivers a perfect harmony of sweetness and boldness. Cioccaffe offers a unique treat for connoisseurs of both chocolate and coffee.


Café Verzi captures the essence of Italian coffee culture with its expertly crafted blends. Committed to quality and tradition, Café Verzi sources the finest beans from around the world, roasting them to perfection to deliver an authentic espresso experience. 

With a deep commitment to quality, Caffè De Roccis selects the finest beans from renowned coffee-growing regions and expertly roasts them to perfection. Each cup offers a luxurious experience, characterized by its full-bodied flavor and captivating aroma.


Rekico brings the art of Italian coffee to life with its exquisite range of blends, meticulously crafted to delight the senses. Founded with a dedication to quality and tradition, Rekico sources premium beans from renowned coffee-growing regions and roasts them to perfection.



POP Caffè redefines the coffee experience with its vibrant and contemporary approach to traditional Italian espresso. Combining the finest quality beans with innovative roasting techniques, POP Caffè delivers a bold and flavorful cup every time.

Solaris Tea is dedicated to crafting exquisite, organic teas that offer a pure and rejuvenating experience. Founded with a passion for wellness and sustainability, Solaris Tea sources the finest leaves from renowned tea-growing regions, ensuring each blend is rich in flavor and health benefits.

Solaris Tea

Konte Shake and Drink offers a delightful fusion of convenience and taste with its ready-to-enjoy shakes. Crafted from high-quality ingredients, Konte provide a flavorful option for those on the go. 


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