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Omron is at the forefront of innovation in the field of automation and healthcare technology. Renowned for its cutting-edge solutions, Omron delivers advanced products ranging from industrial automation systems to medical devices, all designed to enhance efficiency and improve quality of life. With a strong commitment to research and development, Omron continuously pushes the boundaries of technology, ensuring reliability and precision in every product.

Mr Bear Family

Mr Bear Family offers high quality products for beard, moustache, hair, shaving and skin. The products are made of natural ingredients and produced in small batches. We create our own formulas and the whole range is free from synthetic preservatives and other additives normally used to prolong the shelf life of beauty products. Mr Bear Family offers everyday luxury feeling at affordable prices without compromising with the quality. Made with care in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Cella Milano blends timeless tradition with modern sophistication in its exquisite line of grooming products. Rooted in Italian heritage, Cella Milano uses premium ingredients and expert craftsmanship to create luxurious shaving soaps, creams, and aftershaves. Each product is designed to provide an unparalleled grooming experience, offering rich textures and classic scents that evoke elegance and refinement. 

Cella Milano

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